Professional Mole Trapping Instruction

Professional Mole Trapping Instruction Rates      (Not Available on Weekends)

$175 per day or $500 for 3 days  

This is when you come to my location...You cover your hotel and food costs.  I supply the instruction, advertising/marketing samples as well as files sent to your email when you leave you can use such as mole contract, yard sign template, direct mail marketing letters and postcards, etc.

I can be available to come to your location...rates are the same except you would cover my travel expenses such as plane ticket, hotel or spare bedroom, food

Instructions NOT available for people or businesses within 60 miles of Des Moines, IA

In-Depth trap setting instruction featuring the Out Of Sight Mole Trap in real mole situations----showing catches in the next day in those traps set..Can show how to use other traps as well

You will go on new mole stops to gain confidence talking with new customers about moles and how your service will benefit them

Basic marketing and advertising instruction from website to direct mail, yard signs, vehicle, trade shows, etc  Learn what has made TRapper to be so successful in the mole trapping business



Consisent Trap Setting

"On The Mole Line"

My Name is Joshua "TRapper" Jones...I own and operate a wildlife control company specializing in Mole Trapping.

I have taken over 8,700 moles in my career in just over 12 years of service.  Click HERE to find out more information about me.

You will go with Joshua "TRapper" Jones on his actual mole "trapline" at customers homes and see old and new mole runs and how to read the sign you see

WHAT the "biggest" mole trapper in central iowa has to OFFER

Struggling to catch moles consistently?

  • Want to be better at:
    • Locating the correct tunnels to set traps in?
    • Setting traps correctly and with a system?
    • Talking to mole customers or new mole customers?
    • Advertising and marketing for new mole customers?